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2022 Chinese Spring Festival Gala

Hosted by Nevada Chinese Association

On February 26th, our organization along with the support and donations of many other sponsors helped to arrange a concert showing off various classic and modern Chinese performances.

There were 18 performances by 11 unique groups. Each showcasing their own unique talents as individuals and groups. These are all local talents here in Las Vegas who have volunteered to perform and help spread their bit of Chinese culture. There were a variety of instrumental performances, classic and modern dance and singing, as well as even a Kung-Fu performance!

With our wonderful emcees Ruomei Wang and Leon Xia, everyone had a great time enjoying various kinds of performances ranging such as dancing and singing! They did a wonderful job transitioning each of performances.

Additionally, they had to help translate between Chinese and English, making sure that the non-Chinese speaking audience was still engaged! Definitely a difficult task to which, I think they did great!

Mid-way into the gala, as per Nevada Chinese Association tradition, we also awarded our usual Summer Camp Scholarship to bright high-school students. These students showed great ambition as future leaders who would make contributions to our community,

both in terms of Asian culture and overall wellness. We even had the pleasure of having our own Nevada governor Steve Sisolak present the awards!

Of course, the entire festival gala couldn't have been put together without the help and funding of many other cooperative sponsors and organizations! The Asian Community Development Council (ACDC) has even generously donated $10,000 to help put together this wonderful occasion! Please check them out as they have been a long-time organization who have already done a lot to improve the asian community! You can check out their website here:

We also had many other sponsors who often make contributions so please check them out as well:



State Farm Diana Xu

CECU 稳赢地产





郭丽怡, 郑伟峰医师



Noodleman 连锁餐饮

程家昌 Cheng Jiachang

媛媛珠宝 Jade Bi


Connie Wang

The full performance will be uploaded onto YouTube soon so stay tuned! You can watch the video in case you've missed anything or weren't able to attend.

Overall, this was a great event that we were able to organize! Hopefully, the audience was able to get a sense of the huge amount of Chinese culture that still carries on now and will continue toward the future. Maybe this will even become a yearly event since there was such great reception.

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特别鸣谢下列商家和个人对内华达华人协会 2022 年各项活动的大力支持。





State Farm Diana Xu


Noodleman 连锁餐饮

媛媛珠宝 Jade Bi 

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